At Naseco, we create opportunities for increasing Uganda’s agricultural productivity and effectiveness. An improved agricultural and human environment will contribute to the company’s success. We follow this guiding principle to make a difference as the leading seed supplier in a complex and fast changing agriculture that faces environmental and human challenges which demand immediate, novel and responsible actions.


Since 1996, we continue to stand for;


ew innovations for farmer’s benefits. Our crop varieties are a response to what farmers want to boost rural agricultural prosperity.

dequate and adaptive research that addresses the farmer’s needs. We make long-term investments that result in a pipeline of successful varieties.

S eeds that meet high quality standards. We only deliver seeds that went through thorough quality control at all stages from research up to marketing the final certified and improved seed.
E nvironmentally friendly Crop Technologies to prevent crop losses and preserve natural resources.
C rops with added economic and nutritional value.
O pportunities to develop and enhance the farmers’ livelihoods.